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Thank You For Your Interest!
We appreciate your continued support.

Here is Your Exclusive Offer

Pre-ICO Exclusive Price:
Save 40%

When you reserve your Kay Tokens today!

For Blockchain Booking

To receive this offer, simply place a refundable $40 (for 5 coins at $8ea) for  deposit collected through Stripe and you will be locked in for our exclusive discount. 

Maximum of 5 coins per customer at pre-ICO price. Only 1000 available Kay Tokens at pre-ICO price.

Redeem your Kay Tokens in the near future for stays at our getaways, packages & upgrades.

Perfect for birthdays, weddings & anniversary gifts!


100% Refund Guarantee

If you cancel your reservation within 30 days, we guarantee you a full refund.

Transparency Guarantee

We will be transparent about the progress of our project throughout the entire process.

Secure Payment

All orders are processed through our secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way.

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