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Hickory Outlook 

Layout Drawings

What is a layout drawing?
This is not a blueprint or construction document.  We have those (click here) and they are much more detailed than this layout drawing.

The layout drawing is a simple overview drawing with dimensions of the exterior (porch included), interior, and all relative positions.  This is a great place to get started so that you can plan your site layout without having to commit to the full-scale blueprints just yet.  Also if you purchase these layout drawings and down the road want to purchase the blueprints we will take the price of the drawings off your blueprint order. 

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Our Design Philosophy:
Why we designed and built this tiny house... We love the idea of building smaller but still living large. That being said we decided to create a tiny house (under 500 interior square feet) without all the typical tiny house sacrifices - at the end of the day giving up a full kitchen, walk-in shower, or washer/dryer was not an option or even a thought.

Our design took advantage of all the room we had while still making it high-end, luxurious, and spacious all at the same time! We use this as a short-term rental here at the Foothills of The Adirondacks but this would also make a great, personal getaway.

As Seen On A&E, "Living Smaller"


Season 1, Episode 14

Hickory Outlook

Hickory Outlook Blueprints PNG_Page_01.png
Hickory Outlook Blueprints layout blurred.jpg

Interior 456 Square Feet
Exterior 600+ Square Feet


Layout Drawings Consist of 3 Pages

Page 1: Cover Page, Home Owner Information
Page 2: Interior Dimension Layout
Page 3: Exterior/Porch Dimension Layout

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