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Directions & More Info


7677 Cameron Hill Road,

Barneveld, NY 13304

(315)941-9502 (Please text me if you have any questions or concerns!)


There are two very large pots at the end of the driveway (driveway is a half mile long and always plowed)! 


Main House Garage:

Yellow and green Californian Queen Anne building, look for green garage doors, enter through passerby door (single).

The baskets will be pre-set up for you in the main buildings garage, that can then be taken to the individual Airbnbs and dirty laundry/baskets can just be brought back here.


The laundry basket and a smaller basket (with drinks, chocolate, tp, ect...) will be located here with a a label on each (the dates & what getaway). Please take both.


The Scenic Orchard:

Modern Shipping container style Airbnb (color: black) - see image below.


The Scenic Orchard (below 300 sq.ft. interior)


Hickory Outlook:

Stick built tiny house (grey siding, tall angled patio roof) - see image.


Hickory Outlook (456 sq.ft. interior)

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