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Frequently Asked Questions

These are FAQs about Hickory Outlook, blueprints and building your own Hickory Outlook with our blueprints.

How much will this cost me to do (all in, not including land)?

Our costs will most likely be different than yours! Cost will depend on your location, access to materials, labor force and more! The quality you choose of materials, appliances, amenities, finishings and furnishings will impact your costs as well.


If you plan on hiring out a lot of the work you will have to make sure labor and tradesman are accounted for in your budget. For example we did most of the bathroom in subway tile which we hired out a professional, talented tradesman to do - this increased our cost with labor + and with material +. We strictly built this as a short term rental and used high quality materials, finishings, etc... to withstand high rates of turnovers (30+ different people every month).


Your end cost will be based off of your choses, vision, and overall budget. What our total cost ($200k+) was for Hickory Outlook will not be the same as what your total cost will be (remember to keep this in mind).


What is the height, length and width of Hickory Outlook?

Highest ridge: 16.3 ft.

Length of building: 38ft

Length of building and patio combined: 44ft. 6 inches

Width of building: 16ft

Width of building with patio: 27ft 6 inches


Why do the blueprints cost this amount?

These are custom, architecturally designed, complete blueprints. You can easily send these to your contractor and him/her will know exactly what to do! Creating well designed/engineered blueprints take a lot of time and expertise which comes with a larger price tag. By purchasing these blueprints you can cut down on cost as you won't have to hire a professional to create new, custom blueprints for you. Also, these blueprints help you skip past the headaches and mental brainstorms it takes to thoughtfully design a unique and functioning building with all the attributes you need (HVAC, electric, & more). Not only that but this speeds up the process as you already have a load of work done for you.


Is it a tiny house?

Technically, yes! Since it is under 500 interior square feet it is considered a "tiny house" in the USA. Though, we did design this in a unique way where it doesn't feel "so tiny or cramped". We wanted a tiny house with big living and that is what we created. For example the tall ceilings and large windows help make the space feel and look larger. 


How many square feet is it?

456 Interior Square Feet and 600+ exterior (patio) Square Feet.


Can you create a custom blueprint for me?

Yes, the price will vary!

Please email us at for more information.


How do I find out initial building cost in my area?

Find a local contractor who is well sought after and ask him/her what the cost "per square foot" would be for a high end, tiny/small house. He or she will be able to give you a price range for the build.


How do I find a contractor to do this?

Look for a local, well sought after contractor in the area you will be building this! You can find this out from locals in your area or from a worker at your local lumber shop. Usually finding a contractor from word of mouth is best but you can still research contractors in your area online and vet them.


How do I decide what contractor to hire?

Before deciding to hire a contractor for the job make sure to look at his/her work in person if possible and make sure their quality of work is up to your standards and matches the quality of build you want done. Also, talk to other people that have worked with him/her before - you will get a real sense about their quality of work and if they're easy or hard to work with from these references. Remember contractors will charge a percentage (10-30%) - this is for the time they'll spend coordinating subcontractors, their expertise, networking capabilities, labor and more...


Can I be my own general contractor?

Yes! We were our own general contractors for Hickory Outlook as we have had background in building & contracting for over 2 decades. Being your on GC will save you money and help build your own reliable, talented network in your area. Though, being your own GC you will have a significant time commitment, a lot of responsibilities, high volumes of research/planning and it can also be highly stressful. 

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